Lincoln Park Zoo

Even penguins aren’t immune to Mother Nature’s chilly moods.
When we celebrate those who contribute to conservation, many times zoological parks are not a part of that discussion. In fact, these parks contribute to that effort robustly in land and seascapes across the globe through in-park conservation education, scientific field work, and breeding of species endangered in the wild.
Magle securing a camera trap that captures data for the Chicago Wildlife Watch initiative. Below, more of the sort of images
Now that all great apes in zoos are born into captivity, the Chimpanzee Species Survival Plan (SSP) -- a program implemented
Blue skies, sunny days, and the perfect grilling weather greeted us Chicagoans this past weekend for Memorial Day (remember
From bite-sized penguins to miniature deer, zoo creatures just keep getting cuter -- and tinier. Zoo officials intervened
"Added to the boil, the mulberry and bamboo impart flavor and aroma, much like steeping tea leaves," DryHop's head brewer
If you have visited a zoo or aquarium in recent years, there's a good chance that you've noticed something new. In addition to providing up-close encounters with some of the planet's most magnificent species, today's zoological parks are placing a growing emphasis on conservation.
"She always has the option to stay inside her cozy den, of course!" the post reads. Anana's diet is different than the seals
Want a surefire way to brighten your holiday season this year? Some of the best zoos around the country are upping the merrymaking ante. Here's a look at some of the best of the bunch.
Keo had an advanced heart disease that was impacting his quality of life, the zoo said Monday, which prompted the difficult
Rhinos are tricky to breed - the gestational period is 15-16 months and parents have "incredibly small windows for conception
"The baby boom is in full swing," the zoo said in a statement -- a nod to the species' "highly-specialized mode of locomotion
But meanwhile, awwwwwww: According to a press release from the Chicago zoo, Nayembi -- born last November -- was reintroduced
Chicago's Lincoln Park Zoo this week welcomed six trumpeter swan cygnets as their latest arrivals -- but the swan babies
In February, the baby gorilla was found with cuts to her face at the zoo's Regenstein Center for African Apes and was immediately
Zoo keepers still don't know what caused the injury, though staff is keeping Nayembi on around-the-clock care. Like many
“He spent the day with us. We took him everywhere,” Smith told the Sun-Times of the relationship she and her older sisters
A 3 month-old baby gorilla at Chicago's Lincoln Park Zoo is recovering after sustaining a serious facial injury, zoo officials
Just in time for Valentine's Day, the Lincoln Park Zoo has welcomed an adorable pair of Sichuan takin babies -- and they're