Charlie Sheen’s neighbor was arrested after being accused of assaulting the actor in a Malibu, California, home this week, authorities said.
Fraser Bohm is accused of speeding on a stretch of Pacific Coast Highway known as “Dead Man’s Curve” before hitting the four Pepperdine University seniors.
A man who appears to be the Oscar nominee is seen in the clip telling the woman he's "private" after refusing to exchange insurance information.
Officials say she appeared to lose control of her vehicle and was "shook up" by the crash.
The 97-year-old "Mary Poppins" icon was treated at the scene.
The "Rain on Me" singer suprised one lucky fan with the gift of a lifetime.
The numbers of people missing and killed in the Northern California Camp Fire continue to rise.
The former motocross star warned looters to "think twice" after thefts were reported in fire-ravaged Malibu.
The pop star asked Trump to “show some compassion” after she fled her home due to the Woolsey fire.