mike jones

Jones said security cameras on the boss captured Propst's alleged bus ride. He was bus-ted. Police are also investigating
... Haggard isn't out to change anyone's sexual orientation. He thinks gay people can thrive at his church, which he believes
It isn't Haggard's moral shortcomings that bother me. It's his shameless attempts to profit from his failures in the name of God that make me queasy.
Mike Jones, the Denver prostitute and personal trainer who outed former New Life Church pastor Ted Haggard in 2006, wrote
Gayle Haggard is about to have her say on the 2006 sex scandal that led her husband, Ted, to resign as head of New Life Church
...And if I said the things that the therapists have said to me, some people out there would read it as me giving an excuse
Or perhaps it is the personal nature of such attacks, rather than broad-based attacks which name "all lobbyists" or "all
Groups like Exodus and the National Association for Research and Therapy of Homosexuality (NARTH), regularly encourage clients to say they have converted, even though they are still gay
Just how honest has Ted Haggard been with himself and the media as he tries to repair his public image?
I don't think you two are hypocrites. When you're shielding America's values with one hand, and spearing the homosexual agenda with another, it's easy to slip up with your other body parts.