Some Midwestern stores are pulling products from their shelves in response to the video.
The animal rights organization shared a, uh, sexual cartoon in an attempt to stop people from drinking cow's milk.
White supremacists claim they’re just trolling liberals with their milk love, but scholars say there’s history behind this.
HuffPost sat down with Milk and Shangela from "RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars" to chat fashion, identity, and mental health.
Around this time, he also realized that Americans were scrambling to find fad after fad of milk substitutes. These alternatives
This notion was given support by several studies. In a 2007 randomized controlled study, 23 Australian 15-25 year olds showed
So I recently did the next best thing: I went to Ty Llwyd Farm in Northville, New York, on the North Fork of Long Island
An investigation by Larry Pynn at the Vancouver Sun has revealed a cruel underbelly to B.C.'s dairy industry--the province and ag sector that have historically been thought of as among the less inhumane for animals.
NPR’s The Salt exposes the mysteries of dairynomics By Amanda Arnold, SAVEUR Calcium-rich, helpful in forming both thick
Nearly every drink in the store now has a new option. 🌰 ☕️
If you've ever had your food stolen at the office, you know it can be beyond maddening. While some people completely flip their lids when it happens to them, others opt for a more subtle approach to taking revenge.