paid leave

It's a huge issue for working parents and the candidates keep trying to bring it up.
The state’s benefits are extraordinary, particularly for low-wage workers.
Women make less than half what men earn over the long term, according to a new study.
Unlike many other wealthy nations, the U.S. doesn't guarantee paid vacation or holidays for workers.
U.S. workers aren't guaranteed vacation time, and those who get it aren't taking full advantage.
The Rubanka scheme would imperil women’s financial security -- and put the Social Security system on a disastrous path.
The provision is really just a tax break for companies that already offer some paid leave.
Italian women who suffer from painful periods might be close to getting a monthly “menstrual leave”—up to three paid days
Laughing so we don't cry is a coping mechanism for many of us these days. It can also inspire meaningful action. That's the
Like every generation before them, millennials want to shape the culture to fit their ambitions and values. If they join
2016 was a historic year for adoption of some critically important policies and practices that improve the quality of jobs
The current rules around paid leave don't account for the realities of today's employees and families. Thankfully, rules
Sadly, for many women I’ve spoken to, it feels like the lesson of 2016 is that the glass ceiling is lower than we all thought
You'd be hard-pressed to find a plan this generous elsewhere in retail. At least in America.