paid leave

The Texas GOP, which passed one of the strictest abortion bans in the country, is set to deny paid parental leave a hearing in the state legislature.
They didn't get much help from Republicans who professed to support the working class.
The party of paid family leave finds itself in a very awkward position.
The silence around pregnancy loss in the workplace speaks volumes.
America's paid leave situation is only getting worse as omicron surges, with major companies cutting benefits for workers infected with COVID-19.
Some benefits would start right away, but others would take years.
Sen. Joe Manchin says he wants paid leave done on a bipartisan basis. His colleagues and advocates point to a long history of that not happening.
"Paid family leave is not a vacation. We are sending women bleeding, swollen, in stitches, in agony back to work across this country."
“Look, there is certainly a precedent amongst my husband’s family and the royal family of not having any involvement in politics," the Duchess of Sussex said Tuesday.
Democrats are racing to finish their legislation even as the fate of major provisions remains uncertain.