paid leave

The bill instead includes expanded tax credits for businesses that offer paid leave. Advocates are turning their sights toward the next recovery package.
The Senate can certainly pass this bill and conduct an impeachment trial at the same time, Gillibrand told HuffPost: “You can walk and chew gum.”
Republicans show no interest in extending emergency paid sick and family leave, even though the successful programs are vital in a pandemic.
Small-business owners say a paid sick leave policy Congress passed in March really helped them and their employees. Yet, it’s going away.
More than 500 health professionals signed a letter calling for the expansion of paid family and sick leave to all American workers.
It’s “beyond shameful” that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell won't prioritize it, one advocate says.
One house cleaner lost all her clients. Another is worried about being infected if she goes to work. Neither will get paid if they stay home.
Workers are already being asked or forced to take time off without pay because of COVID-19.
Democrats have given in to Republican demands to water down a bill to provide paid sick and family leave during the coronavirus crisis.
Sanders emphasized the need for access to free health care, paid leave and unemployment benefits.