Perfect Strangers

Family Matters doesn't get enough credit for how groundbreaking it was in subject matter. The Cosby's and The Bank's were
They definitely don't make TV shows like they used to: "Perfect Strangers" was one of the last sitcoms that could get away
The 53-year-old actor -- whose last TV role was Disney Channel's "Shake It Up!" -- called Harrisburg, PA's water polluted
If stealing credit and gearing up for Will Ferrell's "SNL" this weekend aren't keeping you occupied enough this Wednesday
"Perfect Strangers" has a video game. Yes, you read that right, "Perfect Strangers" has a video game 19 years after going
The mid-80s to early-90s was arguably the best era for solid television sitcoms. While my 1980 birthdate probably makes me a tad biased, no rational American can argue that this period was not the best for fictional TV lands.