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Doug's trip to London was paws-itively precious.
Unlike dogs, cats do not travel well. As an owner of two cats, I'll tell you a little secret: traveling with them is no picnic from the human side, either. Unfortunately, it's a necessary evil sometimes.
If you’ve ever flown with your pet your worst nightmare is something tragic happening to your pooch in transit. This week a poor pup was left in the rain, on the tarmac in a dog crate for over a half hour.
"Reading Road Trip," an education initiative offered at Sandals Resorts in Saint Lucia, Antigua, the Bahamas, Turks & Caicos
2. Oh it's cool, Ozzy. Most humans don't get to paddle surf Brazil in their lifetimes anyways. ...and we'd totally hate them
San Diego International Airport doesn't discriminate against any of its travelers -- including the small, furry kind. In addition to the typical men's and ladies' restrooms located throughout the airport, San Diego offers bathrooms just for dogs.
According to Dog Jaunt, airports are required to provide relief areas for canine travelers. New York's three major airports
For pet owners, deciding to take a vacation can be a daunting undertaking. Unless you have family who are ready, willing
While it is somewhat simple to pack up our son and have him tag along on our trips (keeping him entertained is another matter), we must be much more industrious when it comes to traveling with Wellington and Montgomery.
According to, the United States Department of Agriculture regulates air transportation of pets and requires