Prince Harry is joining Oprah to produce a mental health documentary series for Apple TV Plus.
Within weeks membership grew from 100 to over 1,000 and by January 2017 the number had grown to an impressive 2,000 with
The majority of what's going on in our heads is unconscious. The forces that move people - their behaviors, their decisions
Though the exact beginning point of journalism can be debated, one aspect of the field that remains a constant is the continuous evolution of methodology and process. What is considered news? How are stories shared? What makes reporting ethical or unethical? These are just a few of the important questions that have been refined over time.
Think about it this way, an agent gets 10% of what you make, so if you aren't making much, you aren't attractive to an agent
TOM: What would be your housewife opening tagline? GLENDA: "You can sleep when you're dead." TOM: Glenda, interesting name
When you listen to Norman Lear speak, it's like a masterclass in humanity. He is confident, compassionate and remarkably sensitive to those voices that have the most difficulty being heard.
For Kelly Kelleher, deciding to organize a "farm network" was simply a way to support local farmers and ensure that her town of Point Lookout, in Long Island's Nassau County, would have access to plenty of fresh food.
And that's your label, right? Right. Me, Sofie, and Alima [created it]. His name is Jamma-Dee. We're working on some stuff
There is no shortage of advice for up and coming filmmakers. The question for any new film producer is: which advice to follow?