Richie Incognito

The Los Angeles high school said there was "no imminent threat to our campuses or school community."
It seems like there is a new sexual harassment allegation bombshell each day in the world of media, politics, and entertainment
Make no mistake about one thing: the NFL is a business, created to make money. It's not a church or a prosecutor's office. Still, it is a business that is rooted in the creation of symbols and the building-up of heroes.
When a celebrity get busted for driving drunk with an ounce of cocaine, they at least admit to having a problem and check into a clinic. When a politician gets caught having an affair, they at least suggest they have let people down and get counseling. But for some reason being racist is the only sin that provides political cover.
Controversial former Miami Dolphins offensive guard Richie Incognito needs clearance from the NFL before he'll be allowed
Aaron Wilson of the National Football Post reported that Incognito's Dolphins teammates are concerned and have not been in
By Aaron Wilson, National Football Post One of the criticisms of Philbin, who broke his silence today at the NFL scouting
What separates the Michael Dunns and George Zimmermans of the world from your average killer is their insistence that they are not only innocent but wronged.
Bullying behavior might be more pervasive in professional sports than in the general population, because athletes are conditioned early on to learn that a legion of admirers will coddle them and cater to their needs.
A few key names to consider: Richie Incognito, Chris Christie, Michael Dunn; the Baruch College fraternity boys. What do they have in common, this odd group of disparate males? Bullying. Unacceptably aggressive behavior. "Boys will be boys" mentality. Yes, it's a motley crew.
Bombs over Baghdad by Outkast #FREEINCOGNITO #BringIt — Richie Incognito (@68INCOGNITO) February 12
I think we all know bullying when we see it. If you find yourself head to head with this kind of leadership, you have a problem.
Of course there are the stories that revealed the brutal and often ugly nature of the games and their athletes. These are the stories that can stay in 2013 and hopefully never come back. But let's start with The Good.
There is a grander tradition among men, and perhaps this is a good time of year and a good time in our nation's troubled history for us to reach for that more noble part of our heritage.
Suspended offensive guard Richie Incognito and offensive tackle Jonathan Martin, who's on the reserve-non-football illness
Perhaps the scandal will lead to a revision of locker room culture and coaching methods so that allowing a diversity of personalities can be more widely shown to achieve the same winning results as worship of the fanatically macho myth.
Knowing there is a problem is not enough. Rallying around a common goal to produce the desired result is the way to go. While Bayless's passion is clearly evident it's not enough to solve complex problems.
There is another important aspect to this partnership. Vermont, a largely white state, has many students who have not lived or worked with minority populations. That is a handicap in a world that is increasingly diverse.
News flash: football is bullying; let's not romanticize the game and pretend that sportsmanship is a vital part of the game. In fact, that is the game -- to be the better bully than the other guy.