The cognitive effects of the coronavirus can last for months in certain cases, according to researchers.
In a setback for one of the most promising treatment approaches, officials found a low chance that the drug would prove helpful for hospitalized patients.
A large study showed just 4.4% of people in England had antibodies at the end of September, suggesting that so-called “herd immunity” is still a “long, long way” off.
Scientists have confirmed for the first time the presence of water on the moon’s sunlit surface.
The aptly named diabolical ironclad beetle can withstand bird pecks, animal stomps and even being rolled over by a Toyota Camry.
The accords build on international space law by establishing “safety zones” around future moon bases to prevent conflict between states.
The winners of the 46th annual Nikon Small World photo competition are truly amazing.
As a new study shows that the number of Indian women publishing papers on Covid-19 is much lower than men, young Indian researchers say the gender gap is worsening.
The talk show host joked that the president didn't seem to rely on his own crackpot advice at the moment of truth.