These families rely on cannabis to help their children, who have epilepsy, control their seizures.
All of my praying and self-exorcisms couldn't save me from what was really happening.
I'm not saying that I'm glad that I have epilepsy. What I'm saying is that, in having epilepsy, lemonade has been made out of the lemons that I have been given.
Having a seizure is nothing to be embarrassed about. Each of us have a battle we face. It's how we face it that shapes and defines us.
The rapper's private jet had to make an emergency landing in Omaha, Nebraska.
Again, thank you for shining a light on epilepsy. Having loving, caring support is astounding medicine in itself. Not only motivational and inspirational for your daughter Georgia but all who are fighting epilepsy too.
Diseases and disabilities, illnesses, special needs, challenges, they are not a contest. There is no worse or better. There is only love. And parenting. And heartache. And joy.
Anna Messner turned to the online forum to help her fiancee 8,000 miles away.
When she was finally diagnosed with Epilepsy, Complex Partial Seizure Disorder and taking daily medications, I couldn't take