The third draft regulation in a year would shrink benefits for millions.
How do immigrant advocates and lawmakers counter policies that haven’t yet been put in place?
SNAP, which helps 38 million people and is one of America's biggest safety net programs, could stop providing benefits if the government shutdown continues.
There was no guarantee of future SNAP payments if the partial government shutdown continues.
Thanks to the government shutdown it looks like food assistance could stop after February.
An administrative screw-up could keep thousands of low-income Americans from buying healthy food with SNAP benefits.
The Department of Homeland Security proposal seeks to change a rule that’s been around since 1999.
Fox News is basically Donald Trump's Snapchat filter, the comedian says.
Imagine how you felt the last time you experienced hunger pains.
The owner of the popular disappearing-message app has a market value of roughly $24 billion.
Snap Inc holds the richest valuation in a U.S. tech IPO since Facebook in 2012.
With a limited track record in revenue generation, an audience that skews young, and a heavy reliance on mobile ad revenue, is the optimism around Snap warranted?
By Susan Blumenthal, M.D. and Katherine Perez While the holiday season is a time of celebration and family feasts, it is
A new USDA rule aims to expand the selection of healthy foods.