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It’s been a year since Robin Williams died, and his death is sure to be on the minds of all of his family and friends. Sarah
Why should we pay cable companies big monthly fees for a huge lineup of programs we never watch but are charged for. Research shows that folks with 300 channels only watch an average of 12 of them. Why not pick and choose just what we want to watch and pay for each show as we go? Or, as the industry calls it: pay-per-view.
Few artistic beasts were able to grab lightening, stuff it into a bottle, break the bottle open and then wrestle with the lightning before swallowing it whole and leaping back onto his feet for another comedic feat. That was Williams. On the outside.
Sarah Michelle Gellar also took the Twitter to share a touching photo collage of herself with Williams: Gellar played Sydney
Actress Sarah Michelle Gellar joins HuffPost Live and talks about how she keeps up with the cast from "Buffy."
Our favorite vampire slaying crew is back in action. Former "Buffy" co-stars Seth Green and Michelle Trachtenberg paid Sarah
Here's the "Mork & Mindy" theme song to get you really pumped for the reunion: Nanu-Nanu! Last year Williams nixed revisiting
This was Gellar's first People's Choice Award and she used her time on stage to give an acceptance speech that was worth
Curb your enthusiasm, folks. (We had to!) Cheryl Hines will make a guest appearance on CBS' "The Crazy Ones," which currently
The ad agency got a new intern when Ashley Tisdale dropped by as Kelsey, the entitled daughter of one of the agency's biggest
[source] And of course, a little slayer reference from SMG's "Crazy Ones" co-stars. [source] [source] "Buffy" forever! "The
"The Crazy Ones" stars Robin Williams and Sarah Michelle Gellar took to Twitter to share their excitement. Thank you everyone
Her on-screen paramour David Boreanaz (Angel) gave her a tongue-in-cheek greeting: There was an impromptu "Buffy the Vampire
Coming in second was the "The Crazy Ones." Starring Robin Williams and Sarah Michelle Gellar, the series premiere brought
TV Replay scours the vast television landscape to find the most interesting, amusing, and, on a good day, amazing moments
What won me over to "Trophy Wife" was the sense that the writers not only have specific ideas about who the characters are, but also have a great deal of affection for every member of this ad-hoc family.
“Well, not all. Lost enough. Divorce is expensive. I used to joke they were going to call it ‘all the money,’ but they changed
Well, summer is over, folks, so now it's time to hang out with our real best friend: Television. I'm always interested in what could be the next big show, and even interested in a show that is not only big, but actually good.
"Banned is a strong word," Gellar said in 2004. "When I was five I did a commercial for Burger King. McDonald's were so outraged