university of oklahoma

In an earlier incident, a professor compared the phrase "OK, boomer" to using the racial slur.
OU President James Gallogly said that the students withdrew because of the outrage caused by the video and their use of a racial slur.
In the video filmed by the sorority member, a white woman smears black paint on her face and calls herself a racial slur.
Hundreds of former players seek compensation for the health issues we now face.
Women ministers are making dramatic strides in achieving equal pay with male clergy. The gender pay gap shrunk from women
As Sports Talk Radio broke the news of Oklahoma Coach Bob Stoops’ retirement, speculation was rampant that he was in ill
The messages included threats of lynchings to black freshman.
30 years ago, a group of young people in Norman, Oklahoma, decided to set up their own human rights chapter of Amnesty International
But the price of their calling is declining along with the wage gap that separates them from other college-educated Americans