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The formula is being transferred from a U.S. Air Force base in Germany.
The late-night host explains why this Trump claim can't possibly be true.
"I think the history of the 21st century turns on how fiercely we defend freedom in Ukraine and that Putin will only stop when we stop him,” the Democrat said.
An attorney for the plaintiffs called it “a landmark victory — probably the biggest ruling in favor of people living with HIV in the last 20 years.”
U.S. officials said Maj. Gen. Yevgeny Ilyin called the situation in his native country "tragic" in what they interpreted as a sign of greater divisions in Russia.
The U.S. is considering a stronger military presence in Europe in response to Russian President Vladimir Putin's war in Ukraine.
Russian President Vladimir Putin may be planning an invasion in coming weeks, officials believe, although the size and scale are unclear.
The baby's parents are overjoyed after a desperate search for their son, Reuters reported.
The course, like the position of sniper itself, requires incredible mental fortitude.
The 26 girls, ages 14-16, are seen as advocates for female empowerment.