Valerie Bertinelli

The TV personality shared her thoughts online after the network fired her from hosting the series “Kids Baking Championship.”
The star announced she won't be asked back to "Kids Baking Championship."
The “One Day at a Time” alum went makeup-free in an Instagram video to address the critics who bashed her for using filters on social media.
“I thought I was fat the last time I wore these clothes,” Bertinelli said, frustrated. “That’s f**ked up.”
“I have tried Botox,” the “One Day at a Time” star said before delivering her thoughtful take on a comment meant to shame her.
Valerie Bertinelli also hit back at the new Twitter owner, who couldn't seem to take a joke in declaring a permanent ban for "impersonation."
The star reacted to the "Friends" actor's account of their "elaborate" kissing as her husband, Eddie Van Halen, lay drunk nearby.
"You gave me the one true light in my life," the "Hot in Cleveland" star wrote of their son after the rock legend died at age 65.
Some Twitter users pounced on the actor for his apparent "joke" about the presidential hopeful.
Harrington was best known for playing Dwayne Schneider, the cocky handyman on the long-running sitcom "One Day at a Time."