Valerie Bertinelli

"You gave me the one true light in my life," the "Hot in Cleveland" star wrote of their son after the rock legend died at age 65.
Some Twitter users pounced on the actor for his apparent "joke" about the presidential hopeful.
Harrington was best known for playing Dwayne Schneider, the cocky handyman on the long-running sitcom "One Day at a Time."
“She is all about gratitude. She walks in with the best attitude,” actress Valerie Bertinelli said of White. “She’s grateful
If you need to play catch-up with the rest of us, check out past episodes online and/or consider tuning into TLC Wednesday
If you're as obsessed with celebrities or genealogy (or perhaps both) as many these days, you're in luck as both TLC and
gaining weight happens to A LOT of people. It does not make you stupid or a bad person. it does not make you weak or someone who does not "get it.
This is a pivotal moment in the fight to save wild horses and burros in the West. Science is now firmly on the side of those who want the wild horses managed in the wild, not removed en masse from their homes on the range.
"Hot in Cleveland" actress Valerie Bertinelli sat down with "The Talk" hosts on Wednesday to share her advice about how she
The cast of "Hot In Cleveland" has taken to YouTube to send their wishes to victims of Hurricane Sandy and urge donations