Wearable art

To buy: "Truth" earrings, $149; "Speak Your Truth" necklace, $339; "Speak Your Truth" earrings, $89. Thanks to Bradley-Tyson
Color is the new white! Straying from the customary Queen Victoria inspired "white dress," brides are flocking to Pinterest, Rock N Roll Bride and Green Wedding Shoes for inspiration on how to make their day as vibrant and unique as they are.
I mentioned the word personality in connection with shoes above. Personality is a great word to describe most, if not all, of the shoes in the "Killer Heels" exhibit. The inanimate objects of my admiration had so much personality they could rival some people.
Google's grasp on its users' past, present, and likely future locations/tastes/desires means the search engine "can most
Ah, the typical New York fashion show: Stoic models (who kind of scare you) run down the catwalk to wordless music, editors
Through ORG by vio, Villacorta shares tools that allow women in indigenous communities to maintain their traditions while creating income and livelihoods.
We love being a part of this resurgence. We are here to deliver Lights! Camera! Fashion! and help the people of this city make a statement. The vibrant city of New Orleans is undoubtedly what keeps us motivated in our business and helped us succeed.
Everything began with a handbag, silk scarf and a pair of boots graciously given as a birthday gift. From that moment on the rest became history. The two sisters combined experience, as a fashion stylist and artist, made their collaboration a no brainer.
Taking a cue from William Ian Miller's (1998) “The Anatomy of Disgust” and drawing comparisons to Susan Sontag’s famous book