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10 Clever Ways To Save Time (And Waste) In The Kitchen

Improve your cooking and make life easier at the same time.

Contrary to all the colourful, delicious-looking food on social media, not everyone is a wizard in the kitchen. Maybe you struggle with the basics or just don't like spending long in the kitchen. Either way, there are always ways you can improve your cooking and make life easier in the kitchen.

Say for example you're baking and need softened butter. Instead of leaving it on the bench top for an hour (ain't nobody got time for that) or microwaving it to a liquid, chop the block of butter into small slices -- the larger the surface area, the quicker the butter will soften.

Or maybe you're cutting up a pumpkin. Instead of using your knife to stab at remove the seeds and gooey fibre, cut the whole pumpkin in half and use an ice cream scoop to easily remove the middle.

Some of these tips also help you to reduce household food waste. Let's take sad, floppy celery or broccoli hiding at the bottom of the crisper. Instead of throwing these out, trim the bottom and place the vegetable upright in a container of cold water. This freshens and crisps up the vegetable, making it delicious and ready for eating.

If you want more easy cooking tips to save time in the kitchen, these 10 clever tricks are here to help. Check them out below.

Infographic by Kitchen Knives.

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