An Ode To The Beautiful Landscapes Of Norway

Norway is consistently ranked as the happiest country in the world and is also a favourite travel spot for Aussies.

When you explore the landscape and immense natural beauty of the country, it's really not hard to see why.

In this film, which is every bit an ode to the country, you can see second-hand why people so easily fall in love with Norway.

Among its wonders are the fjords, the northern lights, and the mountains covered first in piercing greenery in the summer before they're overtaken with crisp white snow in the winter.

This film covered 15,000km of ground around Norway's 19 counties and was filmed over a five month period. The filmmaker Morten Rustad went as far as the Russian border in the Northeast and as South as the capital of Oslo.

Shot entirely as time-lapse, the film gives you a perspective that you would otherwise not notice. Scenes like clouds rolling in like waves do in the ocean, and how the colours of a sunset turn distinctively from red to pink to orange and then to black.

It's a gorgeous film and you can see more of Morten Rustad's work over here.

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