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Clive Palmer Counting His Money Turned Into A Meme

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Palmer United Party leader, colourful businessman Clive Palmer, joined his colleagues in the House of Representatives as parliament resumed yesterday.

The eagle-eyed photographers in the press gallery captured this moment as Palmer pulled out a few small notes from his pocket and spent a minute counting his money.

It was a strange moment. Had he simply reached into a jacket he hadn't used for a while, and found a few bills he had forgotten about?

Was he already thinking about lunch, and counting how much spending money he had for the Parliament House canteen?

Or was it some sort of self-aware statement -- the well-known billionaire businessman, embroiled in scandal with the well-publicised woes of his nickel mine and other financial concerns, showing the media he had been reduced to rifling through his small change?

No matter the answer, the moment was soon turned into a ridiculous meme in a Photoshop battle on Reddit.

It went from the obvious (poker face Clive):

To the slightly-more left field (Magic Cards Clive):

Then Monopoly player Clive:

Yu-Gi-Oh cards player Clive:

To P-Diddy and Clive, referencing a famous meme where the American rapper looks at a one-dollar bill like he has never seen such small change before:

And then it got a little silly, with strip club Clive (down there in the shadows)

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