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These Beautiful Kitchens Are All The Inspiration You Need

You don't even need to cook.

When you're bored and/or uninspired, there's nothing better than flicking through photos of amazing homes and pretending they're yours.

Kitchens especially makes us 'ooohhh'. Brand new Scandinavian style kitchen with copper taps? That can be mine. All white kitchen with wooden accents and lush plants? Gimme.

While we may not have the cashola to create the kitchen of our dreams -- yet -- we can revel in their beauty. Here are 31 kitchens to get you inspired in 2017.


Tiled splashbacks have made quite the comeback of late, but not in the way you would traditionally expect. Rather than merely blending in, you can use tiles to add splashes of colour and contrast -- try moody, dark colours, or white tiles with dark grout.

White and wood

The combination of white and wood is a classic kitchen favourite, with each complementing the other while remaining neutral, yet not sterile. Show off your wooden utensils and chopping boards, and try adding some greenery to freshen up the space.


This interior trend naturally spreads right through to the kitchen, and the best thing about it is everyone can get on board. Opt for climbing vines, ferns and large leafy plants like monstera deliciosa.

Polished concrete

Concrete isn't just for pathways anymore. Using simple, stripped-down polished concrete as a kitchen counter top (and floors, for that matter) is the perfect way to bring an industrial yet soft atmosphere into the kitchen. White, wood and black all marry beautifully with these moody grey bench tops.


There's something deeply satisfying and stunning about a dark, moody kitchen. Making the inner goth in you proud, moody kitchens are all about making deeper colours (think navy, black) the highlight and accentuating with white, wood and concrete.

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