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Who Supports You Can Make Or Break You

Big goals take big risks.

It's exciting to go for what you have always wanted but it's also going to put you through every possible difficult situation you can imagine. And you will need support. Strong support, faithful support, but the RIGHT support.

Why is this so crucial?

Because your support circle can make or break you and the reason you'll need that support is because, as a woman, if you refuse to conform to the norm and instead focus on achieving greatness, you'll experience the following:

Jealousy -- from men who resent your success as a women, women who want to be you but don't want to work for it.

Rejection -- the boys club is alive and kicking and you'll be rejected even if you are more valuable than the guy next to you.

Silence -- when you're not even worthy to be responded to.

Loneliness -- you'll have about three people who truly understand where you're headed in life.

During these times, stop for a few minutes and take note of the people around you.

Who stood by you when you had to work instead of going out? Who made sure they were available in the limited time off you have? Who backed you when others attacked you? Who pushed you every single day without question?

Keep them.

Everyone else: Delete, block, remove them from your career plans. Immediately. Or at the very least, no longer consider them as part of your support circle.

If you are serious about making it to the top 1 percent then you don't have the time or energy to be pulled down the wrong path or be surrounded by negativity.

Lock down your friendship circle. Don't just casually accept any more people into it, to avoid the possibility of being befriended purely because of your journey and success. And then have people blocking your path or placing hurdles in it.

Then keep in mind at all times that for every barrier you face -- and then smash -- say to yourself (as you look at those who tried to block you) that you're just passing through, on your way to the top.

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