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Adele Pranks Jamba Juice Employees With The Help Of Ellen DeGeneres

This is what happens when you let Ellen DeGeneres talk in your ear.

It's one thing to get fooled by Adele, but it's another thing to be part of a larger scheme controlled by Ellen DeGeneres.

The 27-year-old "Hello" singer appeared on "The Ellen Show" on Thursday and as part of a video prank, the host and comedian got the singer to wear an earpiece and place an order at a local Jamba Juice.

But little did these poor souls who were working there know they were in for a round of annoying requests from the British singer — from asking for a large smoothie in a small cup to ordering the whole menu. She even chopped off some wheat grass from the counter.

And as the employees try their best to stay professional, Adele is a master at keeping a straight face — seriously, acting might be in her near future.

Just last year, the star also took part in another hilarious prank, that time tricking her own impersonators.

Watch the full clip from "The Ellen Show" above.


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