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A political slogan that will also hold your groceries.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper's politics have inspired two Toronto-based artists to sell out ... of tote bags.

Pascal Paquette and writer-curator Ellyn Walker designed a bilingual "My Prime Minister Embarrasses Me" tote bag to raise attention to a list of grievances they have with Harper's leadership. They say Harper has embarrassed Canada with his handling of multiple issues, ranging from missing and murdered indigenous women to Bill C-51.

“Instead of a simple usual Facebook post, we decided to do something more artistic about it,” said Paquette, in an interview with Metro. “If [Harper] changed and became a better leader, that would be a double bonus.”

The totes retail for $35 and the artists originally ordered 12 bull denim woven cotton bags, Metro reported. But after an increase in demand, they upped it to 72 items and still sold out quickly.

The pair plans to boost their online sales strategy and place a larger order, but insist their product was not created out of malice. Paquette told Metro that Harper “doesn’t represent my ideals as a Canadian."

“I’m sure he is a nice man, and his kids really like him,” he told the news outlet.

Paquette and Walker's design is not the only anti-Harper design out there. has an "Anti-Harper" t-shirt section which features a variety of political slogans and logos, including "Not my Prime Minister" and a "Stop Harper" octagon fashioned in an homage to rogue page Brigette DePape's surprise protest.