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Easy Beauty Treatments You Can Do At Home

If you're in the position to treat yourself, go for it.
You don't have to buy an expensive face mask; make one yourself using products you can find in your pantry.
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You don't have to buy an expensive face mask; make one yourself using products you can find in your pantry.

As our new reality starts to set in and we get used to being homebound for the foreseeable future, treating ourselves to some fun beauty “dos” (just don’t cut your own bangs!) can be a nice way to lighten the mood and show ourselves a little love.

If you’re in the position to treat yourself with new products we’ve got some top picks, as well as DIY treatments you can make at home.

Do: teach yourself how to do a self-scalp massage

No tools or products are required for this relaxing at-home treatment; instead, the trick is literally at your own fingertips. A self-scalp massage not only encourages blood flow and hair growth, it also helps release stress and tension.

Check out this how-to-self-scalp-massage from Beauty Expert Morgan Roy, and teach yourself how to wind down and relieve stress like a pro.

Do: a DIY face mask

Your secret to gorgeous skin may just be hiding in your fridge or pantry! We love holistic facialist Fran Allen’s approach to skincare, and her raw honey mask (great for those of us with sensitive skin) is one of our faves.

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She suggests adding items you may already have in your cupboards to your homemade beauty treatment for extra nutrients, including matcha and raw cacao.

Do: grow your brows

With visits to the salon for brow maintenance not happening right now, we’re taking advantage of this time to encourage brow growth with this Full Brow Serum from Province Apothecary.

Designed to fortify and thicken brow hair, we’re applying it morning and night and enjoying a gentle brow massage in the process!

Do: dry brush

Dry brushing your body is a great way to remove dead skin cells, improve circulation and give yourself a little pampering in the morning or after a long day.

Somewhat softer brushes like this one from 1 Lux, are designed for use on the neck and down, while more sturdy brushes like this coconut foot brush give those often neglected tootsies a well deserved massage.

We like this woman's attitude towards dry brushing.
Youngoldman via Getty Images
We like this woman's attitude towards dry brushing.

Bonus: if you order from Consonant’s site they’ll send you a free sheet mask, and you can enjoy their free guided meditations to round out your ultimate evening of relaxation.

Do: get into fun facial care techniques

If you’ve been considering getting to know some of the fun insta-popular facial care techniques like gua sha and facial rolling, now could be the perfect time to master the technique.

Gua sha tools are used to increase blood flow and decrease inflammation, but not all tools are created equal, so look for a quality brand like Odacite, which offers gua sha tools in green aventurine, rose quartz, and blue sodalite).

Jade rollers are another fun way to stimulate blood flow in your face (they’re also very soothing and cool to the touch). Pro tip: we keep ours in the fridge for an extra cooling sensation while we massage.

Do: up your sleep game

Sleep is something most of us could all do with more of, so, for those who are privileged enough to have no commute to work, take advantage of this extra time and give yourself an extra 15 minutes of shut eye.

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And while sleeping in is a nice treat, our current situation presents an ideal opportunity to fine tune your bedtime routine. Try turning in a little earlier (start with 15-minute increments and then increase to your ideal bedtime) to log seven-to-nine hours of sleep (recommended by the Sleep Foundation) and reward yourself with some quiet time before your work day begins.

Do: exfoliate

A good scrub can have several benefits for your skin, including preventing clogged pores, collagen production, and brighter skin. We’ve found this extra time at home gives us the opportunity to treat ourselves to a weekly polish.

We love a multi-use product like Basd Invigorating Mint Body Scrub for a gentle mini facial, to exfoliate after shaving, or an all-over body treatment with an uplifting scent.

Do: make the deodorant switch

The switch from conventional to natural deodorant can be daunting at best, particularly because of the detox period where your body can become a bit stinky. but with no one around (or only those who have to be!), what better time to make the transition than now?

Kaia Naturals has you covered with articles on what to expect during the detox period, as well as an underarm bar to wash away odour and a line of charcoal deodorants to transition to.

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