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Best Country For Kids: Canada Best Place In The World To Raise Children

Canada Is The Best Place In The World To Raise Children: Report
vancouver bc canada ...
vancouver bc canada ...

Congratulations Canada — you have yourself a mighty fine reputation among parents.

In the recent HSBC Expat Explorer Survey 2012, Canada ranked first among the nine nations considered in the "raising children abroad" category, competing against such countries as the Netherlands, the USA and Saudi Arabia.

Surveying more than 5,300 expats around the globe — who, after all, would know more about raising kids in a variety of countries than anyone else — the annual survey is meant to help those who are moving to foreign countries get the most information they can before they depart. Although the report did not break down findings into cities, the Mercer 2012 Cost of Living Rankings marked Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, and Calgary on their extensive list of expatriate communities.

Of particular note in the 2012 HSBC survey was the Canadian love of the outdoors, with 40 per cent of expat parents saying their children now spent time outdoors once they moved to Canada, and 45 per cent saying their kids are now playing sports. Even the parents were affected, with a quarter of the adults noting they were playing more sports since arriving in Canada.

Other global rankings haven't seen Canada fare quite as well, with Save the Children's State of the World's Mother report putting the country at the 19th best place in the world to be a mother, based on male-to-female income ratios, maternity leave benefits, educational enrolment, female life expectancy, risk of maternal death, and women's participation in government.

Meanwhile, separate categories in the HSBC survey proved illustrative in light of Canadians' beliefs about ourselves. A rank of 14 for overall experience puts the country in the middle of the pack of 30 countries, though being the fifth easiest country to set up in (taking into account things like finding accommodation) could speak to the efficiency of our bureaucracy as compared to other places. Meanwhile, 62 per cent of expats felt the locals were incredibly friendly, and chose to spend more time with "homegrown' Canadians than other expats.

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