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Best MBA For Making Money In Canada? That Would Be Western

The Best Schools In Canada For Making Money
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It’s been named one of the best party schools in North America by such illustrious sources as Playboy magazine, and now Ontario’s Western University has another point to boast of: It has Canada’s best business school for getting rich.

The Financial Times Global MBA ranking for 2014 places Western’s Ivey School of Business as the highest among Canadian MBA programs when it comes to earning cash.

Three years after graduation, alumni of the school in London, Ont., earn on average $99,072 U.S. per year (the study presents salaries in U.S. dollars, adjusted for purchasing power).

That’s not a half-bad salary for someone three years out of school, but it pales in comparison to what grads at the world's leading business schools earn.

A graduate from the top-ranked Harvard Business School on average earns $178,300 U.S. per year three years after graduation. The highest-ranking non-U.S. school is the London Business School, where the average salary is $156,553.

Ivey is actually the lowest-ranked of five Canadian MBA programs that made the top 100 list (see slideshow below). But those MBA programs all have lower average salaries than Ivey three years after graduation.

The ranking also found that, despite the global economic turmoil of recent years, MBA grads who entered the program in 2008 or 2009 have seen their earnings double in the past five years.

Yet that’s still a “far cry” from how things used to be, FT reports: In the booming 1990s, MBA grads could expect to see their salaries triple in a five-year period.

Here are the Canadian MBA programs that make the most money:

5: University of British Columbia - Sauder School of Business

Best MBA Programs To Make Money In Canada

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