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Stealing From Babies: How To Wear Bib Necklaces

Look out babies, we're stealing from you and it's not candy we're after.

This summer, We're taking style tip from those cute little tots and wearing bibs this summer. Statement bib necklaces, that is. They are the easiest way to spice up your wardrobe since the Man Repeller introduced us to the arm party.

A bib necklace generally is made of many layers of bobbles and beads and sits higher on your neck -- closer to your collarbone and far from your belly button like the long necklaces of the past. Bibs can incorporate many materials together to create a multi-layered, eye-catching piece.

Button your shirt up to the top and tuck a bib under the collar for an excellent at-work look, or toss a bib on your tank top to renew a tired outfit. If you're accessory-impaired and afraid of the bib, ease into things by just pairing it with a simple t-shirt, and as you gain confidence in your bib necklace (people are going to compliment you on it, trust us) you can even start to layer necklaces, creating the 'neck party.'

We've seen bibs worn on celebrities like Sophia Bush and Kim Kardashian as well as our favourite, Leandra Medine. We expect to see bold statement necklaces carry over into the fall because of their ability to spice up any outfit. And because they are so popular right now you can find them in any colour and at any price point.

Take a look at our 10 favourite bibs for the summer:

How To Wear Bib Necklaces

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