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Butt Acne: How To Deal With Pimples And Scars On Your Behind

How To Deal With Butt Acne

Have you ever seen a celebrity reveal a pimply butt on an acne commercial? Probably not. It’s quite shocking to see the lack of advertisements for butt acne, considering most of us have been faced with it at some point. In fact, the lack of advertisements for acne on the derriere has sort of led to the misconception that acne only occurs on the face — Wrong!

So why the butt? Is it common to break out there? Absolutely. Most people with facial acne will develop acne on other parts of their body as well, including the buttocks. Because the skin is thicker and has larger pores than the areas on your face, bootie breakouts will often occur.

What can you do? Here are four tips to help free your bootie of blemishes this summer:

Wear Breathable Clothing

Cotton is always best and it’s cozy!

Clean The Area

We come into so much bacteria day-to-day, and anaerobic bacteria (P. Acnes bacteria) responsible for pimples does not require oxygen to survive. It feeds off sebum and debris on the skin, and can grow and spread quickly. Check out those underpants. Nylon undies, thongs, and anything constricting can trap perspiration and lead to irritation and asphyxiation of the skin, stimulating the arrival of those bum bumps.


Everything looks better when it’s nice and smooth. A granular exfoliant is always a great way to decongest your pores, and allow your skin to breathe. It’s best to use a granular exfoliant on a dry or nearly-dry skin. Although this won’t get rid of existing bumps, it will smooth them out as well as help prevent future butt breakouts.

Use Acne-Fighting Ingredients

Salicylic Acid minimizes the progression of pimples by chemically exfoliating the skin as well as decreasing inflammation. Salicylic acid works by dissolving the glue-like substance that holds sticky cells together in clogged pores, and decongests the follicle. Benzoyl Peroxide-based products can also be used all over or as a spot treatment. It’s a powerful ingredient that is effective against all kinds of acne lesions (blackheads, whiteheads, and pimples). It is bactericidal, meaning it kills bacteria, rather than simply slowing down their growth. Benzoyl Peroxide works quickly, so it’s a favourite option among dermatologists.

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