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Coloured Igloo In Edmonton Looks Amazing (PHOTOS)

LOOK: Best. Igloo. Ever.

Here in Canada, we have all sorts of ways to make the winter months more fun. (Sometimes a little too much fun.) But these people took things to a whole new level with a multicoloured igloo.

When New Zealander Daniel Gray and his girlfriend, Kathleen Starrie, visited her family in Edmonton, the couple built the igloo with the help of her parents and a neighbour over the course of five days, according to Global News.

"My girlfriend's mother had a brilliant idea of building an igloo and thought it would keep me busy, away from her daughter in some respect," he said.

Photos of the igloo, now hugely popular on reddit, show the construction process, which included collecting cartons in which to make individual blocks.

"Her mum has been collecting them since October. Asking cafés and people at work to donate them. In total she collected over 300 but we needed more than that so we had to melt the sides and slide them out and reuse them," Gray wrote on the site.

Colour us impressed.

Coloured Igloo

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