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Easy Baby Shower Games That Are Actually Fun

Everyone will enjoy these easy ideas.

Confession time... I'm not big on baby showers. And it's mostly because of the games. I'm probably just a stick in the mud, but I don't see the point in trying to guess how big my pregnant friend's belly is. And smelling melted chocolate in a diaper? No thanks.

But even this Baby Shower Grinch enjoys watching other people get silly while celebrating a new little human. So whether you love or loathe baby shower games, I've found really easy (and fun!) baby shower games. (I would probably even participate in one or two of these.)

😂 haha if it involves drinking Im down!! 🍼🍸#babyshowergames great time yesterday

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Baby Parker & Baby Graham. 💗💙 #pinthedummy #babyshower #babyshowergames #cute

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What people think our baby will look like... Hahah #babyshowergames

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#babyshowergames #painting #babyshower #babyT #painting #fun #letsbekidsagain

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Go Blue Team! #WordScramble #JamAndMaraGenderReveal #BabyShowerGames

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Baby Meza babyshower number 2 #babyshower #babyshowergames #strappinginthebaby #hestrying 😂😂

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circular: sweet potato, turkey, banana, prunes, and green peas. I won. #babyshowergames #TikaAndChrisBabyShower

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#babyshower #sockmonkey #baby #babyshowergames #thepriceisright

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