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Tennis Player Eugenie Bouchard Asked 'To Twirl' At Australian Open 2015

Canadian tennis sensation Eugenie Bouchard may have reached the third round of the Australian Open (for the second year, mind you), but interviewers seem to be too busy asking her to twirl to notice.

A male presenter during an on-court interview on Wednesday asked the 20-year-old Quebec tennis player, "Can you give us a twirl?" according to The Guardian. On Tuesday, he had made a similar request of Serena Williams.

An embarrassed Bouchard replied with, "A twirl?," and the presenter went on to explain, “A twirl, like a pirouette, here you go.”

Bouchard awkwardly did a twirl, then buried her face into her hands and laughed.

And yet, instead of asking her questions about her game, her stress levels, or even her technique, reporters find a way remind everyone Bouchard is just a girl on the tennis court.

Last season, after becoming the second Canadian to reach the semi-final of a grand slam in Australia, she was asked who her dream date would be. Bouchard gamely replied, "Justin Bieber," and the Twitter world went into a frenzy.

And earlier this week, Global News ran a photo slideshow commenting on the star's cute "ugly faces." This, for a woman who has trained as an athlete for 15 years.

Users on Twitter were equally unimpressed with the presenter's comments.

At this point, we're sure Bouchard is used to answering stupid questions, but even she told the Guardian being asked to twirl was very unexpected.

"I don’t know, an old guy asking you to twirl. It was funny," she said.

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