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Father's Day Love Letter: Neil Morton, Of 2 For Couples, Writes Love Letter For His Daughters

Karen Hall

My youngest daughter Chloe just turned 10 on April 17th and my oldest daughter Avery turned 12 on May 30th, and time is just flying by. Before I know it, they'll have grown up and left the nest, so I thought it was fine time now to tell them in blog format 41 (that's how old I am) of the reasons I love them. Because it's the best thing in the world being a Dad to girls, as so many other Dads out there can attest. This permalink will serve as a reminder to them the rest of their life. In no particular order, here it goes...

1. Their smiles and laughter.

2. Their imagination.

3. Their zest for life.

4. Their hugs.

5. Their kisses.

6. Their curiosity.

7. Their dreams.

8. Their passion.

9. Their compassion.

10. Their love for travel.

11. Their competitive spirit (soccer girls!).

12. Their love for music and dancing and singing and rocking out.

13. Their stubbornness.

14. Their girl power.

15. Their sassiness.

16. Their ability to not take B.S. from boys (I taught them some trash talk to protect them).

17. Their will to do the right thing.

18. Their empathy.

19. Their jokes and pranks.

20. Their arts and crafty side.

21. Their willingness to do chores (sometimes).

22. Their sleepovers together.

23. Their sisterly love (there is no bond stronger than sisters).

24. Their style.

25. Their willingness not to conform (it ain't easy).

26. Their innocence.

27. Their wisdom.

28. Their immaturity.

29. Their maturity.

30. Their tears (of joy and sadness)

31. Their fears.

32. Their courage.

33. Their tech savvy.

34. Their truths and ethics.

35. Their athleticism.

36. Their "Thank You's".

37. Their help.

38. Their humour.

39. Their skits they make up and songs they write.

40. Their beauty (inner and outer).

41. Their love.

love always,


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