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Habs Mascot Youppi! Sadly Settles Jimmy Fallon Bet (VIDEO, TWEETS)

Sad Habs Mascot Settles Jimmy Fallon Bet

It's bad enough that the Montreal Canadiens lost to the New York Rangers, extending Canada's Stanley Cup drought to 21 years.

But it's worse that Youppi!, the Habs mascot, had to fulfil their side of a bet with Jimmy Fallon by sulking around Montreal in a Rangers jersey.

The Habs tweeted 10 photos of the mascot on Sunday, doing a far better job settling a bet than Boston did when it raised a puny Habs flag in front of city hall.

To top it all off, the Habs had to change the team's Twitter avatar to one of Fallon's choosing. He chose Rangers goalie Henrik Lundqvist playing "Sweet Child o' Mine" on guitar.

For the record, if the Habs had won, Fallon would have had to wear a Canadiens jersey during one of his monologues.

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