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And it's surprisingly easy to make at home!

If you've never had Ethiopian food before, you're seriously missing out. Not only is the North East African cuisine extremely delicious, it also packs a nutritional punch.

In the slideshow below, Ethiopian Cookbook author Konjit Zewge reveals the nutritional benefits of nine Ethiopian staples.

From fibre-rich teff to blood sugar regulating lentils, these ingredients are often used in hearty soups and stews. While these items in particular are vegetarian, meat is another staple in Ethiopian culture and is often cooked in butter for a richer flavour.

Ethiopian cuisine is one of the more forgiving types of food for first-time cooks. Zewge tells The Huffington Post Canada that the beauty of the cuisine is that it can easily be adjusted to your personal taste.

Not a fan of spice? Hold off on the Berbere powder. Looking to add a little nuttiness? Sprinkle on a few more sesame seeds!


Healthy Ethiopian Foods

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