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Hilary Farr's Decor Tips: 'Love It Or List It' Designer Shares Trends For A Cozy Fall And Winter

Hilary Farr's Decor Tips For A Cozy Home
Hilary Farr

There's no better season to nest than the fall/winter spread: it's a long one, filled with crisp days and seemingly endless nights made infinitely better when one has a cozy room in which to take refuge.

And who better to guide us to a warm, welcoming home than celebrity designer Hilary Farr? The Toronto-based expert specializes in creating inviting and functional spaces on the popular TV show 'Love It Or List It,' where she transforms owners' current abodes into the dream home they've always wanted.

This season, the key to a nest you'll never want to leave is bringing nature into the fold, even if you're in a condo in the heart of a city. "We need to create a connection with the earth within those spaces," Farr says. Check out her decor tips below:

Check out these design trends from Hilary Farr. Full text is below:

Natural Fabrics And Textures

Hilary Farr's Fall/Winter Decor Tips

Fabrics: The trend? "Fabrics that speak to a desire to be closer to a more user-friendly, traditional and simpler way of life," Farr says. "The colours are muted, the fabrics tactile and understated to work with any decor. Pattern on pattern. Down-to-earth material such as linen and wool embellished with simple designs or more intricate embroidery."

Floors: Green design is key. "Reclaimed woods that look beautiful with any design choice from, sleek modern to traditional to hard-core country!" Farr says. "The designs are available in a variety of old world layouts such as herringbone: Notice the scale has been notched up. Not your granny’s parquet! Play with this in small spaces or use it for drama in large open spaces. LEED approved is as important as how they look."

Furniture: Farr's pick: "A traditional wing chair, with turned legs and brass rollers, but it’s low slung with a high back and extra width. By playing with scale, the chair has a bit of edge, and will look great with any design style."

Great lighting : "Ramp up the light to work, or turn it way down to... fill in the blank!" Farr says. For floor lamps, table lamps or overhead fixtures, install dimmer switches, she advises.

Seating: "Choose upholstery that makes a big statement with texture, colour and design to define the space and colour that demands attention. Peacock blue with creams and warm woods looks amazing!"

Lots of fabulous smushy, blingy colourful cushions: "Lose a bit of useable seating area on the sofa and pile up the cushions for an intimate snuggle, or throw pillows on the floor to lounge on for an exotic casbah feel."

Rugs: "A rug doesn’t have to be pricey but for maximum oomph it must be sizeable and not stingy." Farr says. "Cover the whole seating area with warm fabric rather than bare floor."

An ottoman instead of a coffee table does double duty: "Look for one with an interesting leg or base in reclaimed wood or warm oxidized metal, and pair it with a sophisticated fabric that compliment the colours you already have. When it’s not being perched on by a derriere, put a big tray on top of it for drinks and snacks or, just put your feet up and relax."

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