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How To Get More Energy During The Day

You really do need more sleep.

If you're reading this sentence and stifling a yawn, do you really need more sleep or more coffee or .. both?

For some of us, being tired all day feels almost natural, and in the Buzzfeed video above, we learn three tricks on how to get more energy as soon as you wake up — you know, before you walk into a glass door at work.

Find out the best times to drink coffee, how long the average sleep cycle is and why something like a.m. yoga class can help for the rest of the day.

In February, the National Sleep Foundation in the U.S. released recommendations of how much we really need to function. For adults between the ages of 26 and 64, you should be aiming for at least seven to nine hours every single night. And if you still find yourself slumping at your desk or missing your stop on the bus, you can also eat your way to more energy by having more plant-based iron foods and a hearty breakfast.

Check out other energy-boosting foods below:

10 Energy Foods
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