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Comedian Nathan Fielder's Texting Prank Involves Drugs And Parents


Canadian funnyman Nathan Fielder likes to ask people to do things. Embarrassing things. Awful things. But most importantly, hilarious things.

Starting out writing for Canadian shows like "This Hour Has 22 Minutes" and, oddly enough, "Canadian Idol," Fielder eventually got noticed by Comedy Central, leading him to his own TV show "Nathan For You." The reality TV-parody involves giving small businesses disastrous marketing advice, like convincing a yogurt shop to name a new flavour "poo."

But his latest experiment involved texting, scoring drugs, parents, and social media. On April 24, Fielder tweeted to his followers asking them to text their parents about scoring drugs. When mom and dad responded, Fielder humbly requested that his followers ask their parents to ignore the message.

The results are, to say the least, incredible. Some parents lashed out instantly.

Others were a bit too confused.

This isn’t the first time Fielder has started a mass-Twitter-experiment. On April 20, he tweeted his followers to ask their parents about dollar-store-condom quality.

Check out the results of both pranks below.

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