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Rhodiola Benefits: How This Herb Helps Manage Stress

If cortisol is the enemy, these supplements are your friends.

When stress rears its ugly head in life, it's tempting for some of us to turn to cigarettes or a boozy drink to cope.

But if you're looking for something with fewer drawbacks, yoga expert Rachelle Wintzen wants you to consider adding supplements to your daily routine.

For Wintzen, one supplement she recommends to combat stress is Rhodiola. The adaptogen herb is part of a group of natural compounds linked to improving your adrenal system. That's the same system that secretes the hormone cortisone, which is tied to stress.

"This plant-based herb helps to regulate cortisol. When we're in a state of constant stress, we are continuously releasing cortisol," says Wintzen. "This can lead to depression, a weakened immune system and weight gain."

For more on other supplements that help fight stress, check out the video above.

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