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Shit Yogis Say The Latest Version Of Popular Meme; Have We Had Enough? (VIDEO)

You know something's hit the mainstream when big companies want a piece of it. In the latest installment of the popular 'shit people say' meme, Canadian yoga-clothing giant Lululemon's latest campaign is a parody of a parody: Shit Yogis Say.

'Namaste,' 'Let's take wheatgrass shots,' and 'I just got eyeshadow for my third eye," are some of the supposed mantras of the yoga-obsessed, and Lululemon pokes a little good-natured fun at its own community in the video ad, which features a young female yogi spouting a flurry of 'common' catchphrases overheard in the studio and beyond.

The recently released video is gaining steam and has YouTube users saying everything from "hilarious" to "completely LAME ripoff."

It's certainly not the only offshoot of a meme that's spread like wildfire in recent months. The whole 'Shit People Say' idea started with "Shit My Dad Says," a Twitter account where Justin Halpern documented his 74-year-old dad's favourite moments. The popularity of Halpern's account landed him a bestselling book and later a (now cancelled) TV show.

Then came Shit Girls Say, the popular Twitter account that riffs hilariously on the daily chatter of ladies everywhere. SGS already had a very healthy following, but really took off when a video version was released in December.

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Comedian Billy Sorrells also did a follow up to "Shit Girls Say," but this time it was "Shit Black Girls Say," Similar to the original SGS video, a man dressed as a woman enacts supposedly "popular" phrases of black women.

While many found it amusing, others viewers called it racist and said it perpetuated negative stereotypes of black women.

From there, it's been a video avalanche of crap people say. There's Shit Southern Gay Guys Say," "Shit Drunk Girls Say," and even "Shit Vegans Say" just to name a few.

The meme has endless possibilities, but is it time to ditch these videos? How many more do we really need? Or should we continue laughing at ourselves and others?

Check out this gallery of other parodies. Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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