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Spring Fashion Trends Of 2015 We Can Add To Our Wardrobes Now

Spring Trends We Can Add To Our Closets Now

Winter is here, everybody. It’s been less than two weeks since the calendar officially plunged us into the solstice, so, on nights of freakish windchill and zero visibility, it may be hard to remember that in only a couple of months, spring will be a thing that exists.

So we're going to help you. Spring/summer shows were back in September, but that doesn’t mean we can’t pretend that, despite needing to wear no less than 14 layers for a short walk to the mailbox, spring has sprung. To convince you, here are 10 spring fashion trends of 2015 you can begin incorporating now, because damn it, we all deserve leather and fringe.

1. Leather

Leather is a must-have spring 2015 trend, which is excellent news for anyone who’d love an alternative to florals. Isabel Marant’s leather wrap dress is actually a perfect mid-season segway, especially if paired with Docs or a fur (faux or vintage) to play around with texture. It’s always leather-weather.

2. Long-Sleeve Dresses/Dress Suits

Gucci did a terrific job of re-introducing the seventies back into our spring lexicons -- especially thanks to a long-sleeved, knee-length skirt you totally saw your mom wear to work once. (Although hers was probably more Sears than runway -- and that’s cool too.) Altuzarra kept it business chic as well, making this look the perfect one to weave throughout your existing winter wardrobe. Just please, for the love of all that is good, keep warm and wear tights.

3. Sweaters

Sweaters in January? We're breaking barriers, it’s true. But designers like Haider Ackerman and the geniuses at Valentino remembered that spring doesn’t always signal warm weather. (Or sun, or a lack of snow if you live in Canada.) So instead of drowning us in tank tops, they kept sleeves long, fabrics heavier, and paired them with long skirts and wide-legged pants. You can do the same -- or stick to heavier bottoms to balance winter and spring. Either way, the warmer, the better.

4. Green

There’s less an it-colour this season than there are a lot of colours, but after a few months of winter neutrals, you’re officially welcome to take the Jason Wu and Miu Miu route, interpreting the fresh tone in ways that complement the rest of your look and everything you wear with it. That’s actually one of the best parts of the spring 2015 colour spectrum: they fall pretty much in line with last spring’s, as well as with winter’s. (When we said “winter’s neutrals” before, we were talking only about the exterior landscape.)

5. Fancy Denim

Imagine we proposed “jeans” as the tie that binds between two seasons? (“Have you guys heard of jeans?”) Never. But instead, we will propose fancy and/or formal denim, as demonstrated via collections by Gucci (more seventies day-dresses) and The Row (which is less “denim” than it is “a look you can achieve through denim”). Think a lighter texture, darker wash, and more vibrant stitching. Basically, think seventies or nineties -- the greatest decades of all.

6. No, But Seriously: The Nineties

Saying the nineties are back is kind of like Chandler Bing saying “this Internet thing’s here to stay.” (Obvious and wonderful.) But unlike the grunge-inspired looks of the later 2000s and early 2010s, 2015 sees a nineties resurgence of the dELiA’s and "Electric Circus" variety: ankle-length skirts (as per Chloe), platform sandals (Maison Martin Margiela), sequins and feathers (Ashish) are among some of the season’s most interesting choices, with a stress on colour, statements, and even hair mascara. Only in hell should you have to wait for spring to start running with these.

7. Metallics

The day any of us get tired of metallic anything is the day we can all meet on a bridge and throw our laptops over it. Fortunately, spring/summer 2015 upped its metallic ante thanks to turns by Barbara Bui, McQ Alexander McQueen, and Chanel that went shinier, bolder, and brighter. All of which can work with any winterwear you’ve got going on now.

8. Backpacks

It’s a travesty that for so long we suffered with messenger and/or plastic bags, but spring 2015 has allowed us to right that terrible wrong: backpacks are still present and accounted for next season, meaning you can strap one on now and laugh at your former self (while feeling terrible about her inevitable back and shoulder problems). Thank everybody from Jeremy Scott at Moschino to Saint Laurent, who care about our posture and also looking like the teens we wanted to be.

9. Detailed, Bold Graphics

Here’s something spring 2015 won’t be: boring. And even though floral graphics are 100 per cent playing a part in the wide world of seasonal trends (see: Preen by Thornton Bregazzi), they’re being executed in a unique, interesting way. Case in point: MSGM continued the geometric approach, while Thakoon mixed graphics and texture -- which brings us to our last point.

10. Texture

“Texture” is 100 per cent a spring trend you can blend into your winter wardrobe regimen, especially since every last piece of clothing contains it. So what do we mean here, other than to be unnecessarily complicated? Think: different fabrics on one piece. As mentioned, Thakoon combined fringe with a print, while Fendi changed everything you thought you knew about feathers. (Which, for some of us, is “they are attached to birds.”) Ultimately, some of the best pieces of this year are like collages you can wear. So if it seems out there or over-the-top or almost nonsensical, congratulations: you’re representing spring right. Now bring it into winter.

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