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Stillborn Photos Prove Our Babies Will Never Be Forgotten

These images are raising awareness about the reality of stillbirth in a very meaningful way.

Warning: These photos could be a trigger for parents who have experienced miscarriage or stillbirth. We are so sorry for your loss.

A stillbirth is every expectant parent's nightmare. However, for seven out of 1,000 births in Canada, it is a reality.

More and more parents are choosing to talk publicly about their baby and their grief. They want to raise awareness about their reality and are finding beautiful ways to remember the children they've lost.

In these Instagram photos, parents reflect on the babies they were only able to hold briefly and they remind us that their stillborns are still very much loved.

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The best big brother ever #kadenwilliam #ariajean #rip #stillborn #happy7monthsold #ourangel

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Dear Beckett: We should have been 36 weeks today. One week shy of "full term". We should have been putting the final touches on your nursery and washing your clothes. Instead, I'm packing the last of your things into a box that will be tucked away forever. It hurts. Ten weeks later, the sting is still just as strong. We really wanted you, little man. You were the biggest shock of our lives, but we wanted you so bad. I would give everything I have to hold you one more time. I wish I could have felt your fingers curl around mine, or heard you cry, or saw you take a breath, or felt your warmth. Well meaning friends have asked when we will try again - the anticipation of a "rainbow baby". (I HATE that term by the way. HATE IT.) I just can't bring myself to even consider it. First of all, it feels like a replacement. No one, not even a million babies (or kittens for that matter), could ever replace you. You were supposed to be our one and only. Plans change, but I can't get my heart to be at peace with changing that plan. It doesn't feel right. Even if I could, we are only getting older and it took us far too long to get to you. Sigh. It's not fair. I don't want to have to even think about this. I want you. I'll always just want you, my one and only. I love you, little man. Love, mom • #mamagrief #griefjourney #stillbornawareness #stillborn #grief #icantdothis #stillbornstillloved #stillbornbutstillborn #bornstillbutstillborn

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Six months have passed since this picture of us was taken. I wasn’t even sure I wanted a picture of the three of us together. How terrible does that sound? How does a mother not want a picture with her child, especially knowing it may be the only one she ever has? But I wasn’t myself, I wasn’t thinking clearly. How could I? I can honestly say since the night they told me your heart was no longer beating and for several months after, I was living in a complete fog; going through life and the motions not believing that this was real, that this was our story. I knew I wanted, no, needed pictures of you. I needed to remember your features from your little nose to your big toes. But I was so afraid to have a picture of us as a family. A portrait of what should have been. I was scared that we would look sad, broken. I didn’t want our memory of you to be overshadowed by the pain of what we were feeling in that moment, knowing we held your body but your spirit was no longer with us. It hurt too much. It still does. But the picture I was once so, so anxious to have is now one of my most prized possessions. I hope when you see this picture of the three of us, you can see past the heartbreak and feel the love, the pride we have for our little girl, our firstborn. And I hope you see Leighton. That you really see her. She is not a sad story or a statistic. She is ours and we are hers, until the end of time. We love you more than you will ever know #letterstoleighton ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• It takes someone with a gentle soul and a big heart to take images such as this. Thank you will never be enough @candicelanning you've documented our life and our family from the very beginning. ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• #lifeafterloss #stillbornstillloved #angelmama

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