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Successful Workers: 10 Things The Best Employees Do Differently

10 Things Successful Employees Do Differently
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Every office has employees who are, simply put, more successful than everyone else. Sometimes we love them, sometimes we hate them, but for the most part, we all hope we can be just like them.

Being successful and productive at your job doesn't only make you happier, but it also helps motivate others around you. And while we may get annoyed at employees who seem to have everything go their way, often their success reflects their characteristics.

"There was a time when success was measured by the title you held at work, the size of your home or the make of your car," says Sheryl Connelly, expert on global consumer trends and futuring for Ford Motor Company in Canada. "But it seems society has been moving away from these traditional markers of success and making way for much more individual expressions of success."

Connelly says these days it doesn't matter how much money you have in your bank account (which for most part is still the biggest determinant of success), but rather what makes employees proud or happy, connected to others and the feeling of having work life balance.

While some may argue that a work-life balance does not exist, Connelly says this can be measured by work, play and loving what you do on a personal level.

"Juggling these three balls is easier if you keep in mind that the act of balancing requires constant recalibration," she says.

Whether you're a full-time worker, part-time worker, intern or a volunteer at an organization, showing initiative and passion for what you do will help you in the long run — from getting a promotion to landing a full-time job.

So what is it that makes successful people stand out? Why does it seem like everything always goes in their favour? Here are Connelly's 10 rules on how to be more successful at what you do.

They Are Introspective

10 Things Successful Employees Do Differently

They Are Introspective

Successful employees know how to be introspective. It can be easy to see the strengths and weaknesses of other people you work with, but it's always harder to critique ourselves. If you're having trouble figuring out how you can improve at your workplace, ask a close co-worker or your manager for an honest review.

They Are Open-Minded

You may sit in a closed-off cubicle all day, but don't let this stop you from meeting and mingling with people in your office. Employees who are successful at what they do are more likely to have work-related and non-work related conversations with people around them.

They Are Proactive

This may be a given, but people who excel in their workplace know how to get things done. Instead of just doing the day-to-day tasks, they often go above and beyond of what they're asked to do.

The Are Aware Of The Outside World

Not only do they keep up with local and national trends related to their careers, they're also tapped into global trends. Grab a global trend magazine and do a little bit of reading or research over the weekend.

They're Always On

Ask them a question or their thoughts on an issue at the office and they'll give you an answer right on the spot. Because they're fully invested in their jobs, they know both the pros and cons.

They're Advocates

Often, people who are successful at the office don't just speak up for themselves, but act as advocates for others as well. Raises, benefits or even parental leaves are all issues they can advise you on.

They Are Genuine

They understand the importance of keeping their managers and customers happy. When it comes to getting work done, successful people are always honest.

They Are Passionate

They love what they do. Period. Successful employees wake up every morning loving what they do more and more. These people not only value their jobs, but realize how much they love doing them.

They Are Bold

Successful employees understand the meaning of being bold at the office. To be bold at your office, try writing down a list of things you could accomplish if failing didn't exist and take a jab at them.

They Know How To Motivate Others

They may seem like they have everything together and for the most part, they do. Not only at they great at their own jobs but they use their skills to help motivate their fellow colleagues.

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