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Tim Hortons 50th Anniversary: A Look Back At This Slice Of Canadiana

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Tim Hortons

Tim Hortons has rolled out new packaging and a new motto -- “50 Years Fresh” -- to celebrate its 50th anniversary coming up on May 17.

The coffee and donuts chain that launched with one little location in Hamilton, Ont. in 1964 has grown to some 3,500 outlets in Canada, 800 locations in the U.S., and several dozen in Persian Gulf countries. It controls some three-quarters of Canada’s fast-brewed restaurant coffee market (though McDonald's is now cutting into that) and about the same share of the country's baked goods market.

Culturally, Tim Hortons has become almost synonymous with Canada, and its annual Roll Up The Rim To Win contest -- which this year launches on Feb. 17 -- is among the most recognizable marketing campaigns in the country.

Yes, folks, this is what winning looks like.

But it wasn’t always this way. Timmies’ beginnings in Hamilton were humble indeed: The outlet served only two types of donuts -- dutchies and apple fritters -- and offered just plain old “coffee.” It would be decades before you could get an Iced Capp or a dark roast blend.

The company recently released an infographic on its history, along with some vintage photos of Timmies locations from back in the day -- and pics of the man himself, NHL defenceman Tim Horton.

Check out the evolution of Tim Hortons:

It began here...

50 Years Of Tim Hortons (2014)

Click on the image to see the infographic in full size:

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