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Victoria's Secret Celebrated Natural Hair On The 2016 Fashion Show Runway

"There are 51 women, and we’re gonna make them feel their most beautiful."

If there's one thing the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show has taught us over the years, it's that long, bouncy, voluminous curls and push-up bras are two staples to becoming an angel.

But last year, Angolan model Maria Borges decided to skip out on those perfectly curled hair extensions in exchange for a "teeny-weeny Afro."

She made history. And everyone took notice.

Fast forward to this year's show and Borges rocked her natural locks again. And some of her fellow models did, too.

On Monday, the lingerie giant aired their glamourous annual show and made it a priority to embrace every model's natural beauty.

Victoria's Secret lead hair stylist Sarah Potempa told Refinery29 that hairstylists would give a "carefree approach to the length and type of curl" models donned.

"Some women with shorter hair, maybe a lob, will walk with that hair," she said.

"We're not gonna add extensions to make it super long. And if someone has short hair on the side or a tight haircut, we're not gonna put a wig on or put extensions on their head. We're gonna embrace it."

Jourdana Phillips flaunted her stunning blond cut:

Alanna Arrington showed off her loose curls:

Ottawa-raised model Herieth Paul rocked an afro:

Dilone sported a chic pixie cut:

And, of course, Maria did her thing once again:

More of this please, Victoria's Secret.

For all the looks from the 2016 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, check out the slideshow below!

2016 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show in Paris

Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2016

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