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When Is Easter? Here Are Great Places To Hide Eggs

The Smartest, Sneakiest Places To Hide Easter Eggs

Easter (April 20, 2014) just isn't the same without an egg hunt.

Every year, the Easter Bunny drops chocolate eggs in random places around people's homes and yards, and it's up to the kids to find them, wherever they may lie.

Kids are clever people, but there are always places you can hide eggs to ensure they spend a long time looking for them.

Here are some of the best places to hide Easter eggs.

Under the first step
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Hide eggs under the first step on the stairs leading into your house. They'll NEVER think to look there.
Behind a window shade
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Pull the blinds or the curtains and hide the eggs behind them. Will the kids think to draw them aside?
The cookie jar
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The kids are looking for new treats in the house and in the yard. Why would they think to check the cookie jar?
Under a lamp shade
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Unplug the lamp, unscrew the bulb and put an egg there. And for goodness' sake, be SURE to unplug the lamp first.
Egg carton
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Take an egg out of a carton, replace it with a chocolate egg and put it in the fridge. It may take your kids a while to even open the fridge to begin with.

(H/T Kelley's Break Room)
Orange peel
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Cut open an orange, peel it so that it comes off in one piece. Then hide an egg inside and leave it on the ground outside. This will teach your kids serious observational skills ... and to pick up litter.
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Mix the chocolate eggs in with the soil or perch them inside the plants. They provide excellent camouflage.
In the dollhouse
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Because even Barbie deserves a chance to find the chocolate!

To be fair, your kids stand a pretty good chance of finding them in here.

Inside the mail slot
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If your front door has a mail slot, hide the eggs there. The postman may find them before your kids do.
PSYCHE! The egg hunt was a distraction
It was all just a ruse to get the kids outside so the parents could eat all their chocolate!
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