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And it's not the first time she's saved one of her children's lives.
Cardiac arrest kills more people than prostate cancer, breast cancer and car accidents combined. This month, the Heart and Stroke Foundation in B.C. launched a smartphone app to give people some basic knowledge so they can respond to a cardiac arrest -- whether it's a stranger on the street or a loved one at home.
The need for people also to make advance directives (often called living wills) and to discuss them with family is greater than ever as medical technology advances, but there is a serious legal problem. You may have an advance directive signed in perfect health clearly stating your wishes, but if and when you become incompetent, current law in some provinces permits your next of kin or power of attorney to ignore it. Surely new legislation must recognize and prevent this potential abuse that most people would find offensive and unacceptable.
There are many common misconceptions about CPR -- created, in part, by prime-time medical television programs showing patients being brought back almost miraculously from the brink of death. There's no doubt that CPR can be a lifesaver in certain situations. But CPR is not quite as successful as it's portrayed on TV.
In the interest of saving lives from bad Hollywood medicine, and also with the goal of providing a little bit of entertainment, here are the top Hollywood medical malpractices that drive me crazy.
A snowshoer who fell and was stuck in a B.C. tree well for more than seven hours is expected to make a full recovery, thanks
I was vacationing in Muskoka, Ontario. As I was relaxing I was startled by a boat rushed back, yelling, "Someone is down out in the water." I pulled out my phone and searched "CPR" on Google. Page after page there was nothing. So I emailed Google about it...
The Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada is using the scare-power of zombies to teach CPR. This Halloween-inspired public