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face masks

The cold weather "was a perfect way to show how air moves with a mask both on and off."
"Safety pods" are adorable, but experts say they might not actually be all that helpful.
Magnetic masks: so hot right now.
You know, in case you skipped out on the SPF.
Presenting #multimasking!
These complexion enhancers are the ultimate indulgence.
After a long winter (which still seems to be going strong, despite the fact that it's spring), cleansing, exfoliating and
Getting a facial done at the spa is one of life's great pleasures. It is relaxing and my skin always feels amazing when it's done. It is good as a treat, but can get pricey if you get them done regularly. I wanted to learn more about the top tips of how to do a mask at home, so I spoke with Sephora and they shared with me the top tips for doing a mask in the comfort of your own bathroom.