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gay rights

This London zoo is celebrating its (aquatic) same-sex couples for Pride.
The "Gaycation" star connects politicians' anti-LGBTQ rhetoric and a rise in hate crimes.
James Egan and many others are part of our heritage.
"We need stories where they just exist and get on with it."
We take the descriptor "straight acting" in our community and hold it up like a holy grail. If we can achieve this goal, we will finally be able to hide through camouflage. We are the beautifully broken, a cast of misfits simultaneously fighting ourselves, other gay men, and society, in a quest for survival.
Jason Kenney made the personal the political when he said parents should be notified when a kid joins their school's gay-straight alliance - which, of course, has the effect of outing them. Jason Kenney proposed one rule for gay kids, and an entirely different rule for guys like him. You know, like hypocrites do.
Ontario Pioneer Camp bans those counsellors who live an "out" lifestyle.
I don't know about you, but if I just created history for my country on a world stage and my fellow citizens reacted by calling me derogatory names that could potentially put my life in danger, I would seriously think about moving to another country. Sadly, Jamaican athlete Omar McLeod was not so lucky.