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job growth

And if Canada's job market does tank, it will be partly you-know-who's fault.
The numbers show what many experts have argued: Minimum wage hikes don't derail strong economies.
Nobody really knows what's going on in Canada's job market right now. That's a problem for policymakers.
This is seriously as good as it gets.
Many global investors don't know enough about Canada to make informed decisions, CIBC says.
To say that Bombardier should be allowed to "crash and burn," as some have, is not only heartless for the thousands of workers and their families who would be left in desperate straits as a result, it is bad economic policy. It is important to remember that Bombardier is one of Canada's largest employers.
Low pay or unemployment? Your choice.
But this could be the year it gets it wrong.
Canada added 67,000 part-time jobs in October, and lost 23,000 full-time ones.